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TAC Schneider Valve

DuraDrive Linear Actuators MS51,MA51
are designed to mount directly onto two-way or three-way Globe Valves with integral linkage.
DuraDrive Linear ActuatorsApplication
DuraDrive Linear Actuators are designed to mount directly onto two-way or three-way globe valves without the use of linkages. They provide linear travel to operate valves from 1/2" to 2" VB-7xxx and discontinued 1/2" to 1-1/4" VB-9xxx in chilled water, hot water and steam applications up to 366 °F (186 °C). Linear spring return actuators provide either two position, floating or proportional modulation control (depending on model selection) of valves in HVAC systems.

DuraDrive Linear ActuatorsFeatures
• Two position models controlled by SPST controller
• Floating models controlled by SPDT floating controllers
• Proportional models controlled by 0-3 Vdc, 6-9 Vdc, 0-10 Vdc, 0-20 mAdc, 2-10 Vdc, or 4-20 mAdc. Control function direct/reverse action is jumper selectable
• 105 lb force (467 newton) with 1/2" (13 mm) nominal linear stroke
• 24 Vac, 120 Vac, and 230 Vac models
• Rugged polymer housings rated for up to NEMA 2/IP54
• Overload protection throughout stroke
• Automatically sets input span to match valve travel
• Compact size to allow installation in limited space
• Manual override to allow positioning of valve and preload
• Spring return operation
• Direct mount to valves without separate linkage
• Polymer housing rated for plenum use
• Five year warranty

M 800 Actuator for Valves
M 800 Actuator for Valves
M800 is an electro-mechanical actuator for the control of two-way and three-way plug valves in:
• domestic hot water systems
• heating systems
• air handling systems M800 is either controlled by an increase/ decrease signal or by a modulating 0–10 V control signal. Modulating control makes for a faster positioning of the actuator. The electronic circuitry of the actuator ensures that the running time is the same, regardless of the stroke of the valve in question. It is easy to mount and connect the actuator. It can be mounted directly onto TAC’s control valves, without any mounting kit.
M 800 Actuator for Valves

VB-7223 Series
1/2” to 2” Screwed NPT Stem Up Closed (Normally Closed) Two-Way Valves General Instructions
 two-way  valvesApplication
VB-7223 series single seat, stem up closed, two-way valves control water from 20 to 281°F (-7 to 138°C) or steam to 281°F (138°C) maximum in heating or air conditioning systems. They are used for two-position or proportional control applications. Valve assemblies require an actuator and a valve linkage. A large selection of factory assembled combinations is available.
• Valve sizes 1/2” to 2”
• 250 psig pressure rating per ANSI Standards (B16.15–1985) for screwed cast bronze bodies
• Spring-loaded TFE packing
• American Standard Taper Pipe Thread (NPT) connections.

 two-way  valves

VG221F 65-150C
Two-way Pressure Balanced Globe Valve, Flanged, PN 16
Two-way Pressure Balanced Globe Valve,  Flanged, PN 16
The 221F 65-150C valve is primarily intended to be used in heating, cooling and air conditioning application.
The 221F 65-150C valve can be used with the following types of fluids:
• hot water, or deaerated cooling water.
• deaerated water with glycol-type antifreeze agent (max.50%)
With cooling medias at temperatures below 0°C a stem heater must be fitted, to protect from stem seizure due to freezing.
Two-way Pressure Balanced Globe Valve,  Flanged, PN 16Two-way Pressure Balanced Globe Valve,  Flanged, PN 16

Schneider Electric Erie VT/VS PopTop Series
General & High Close-Off PopTop Zone Valves General Instructions
Erie VT/VS PopTop SeriesErie VT/VS PopTop Series
PopTop Series valve bodies and actuators provide easy installation for a variety of heating and cooling applications. Valve’s actuator can be installed after valve body has been installed onto fan coil, baseboard or air handler. VS Series valves are available for low pressure steam applications.

Erie VT/VS PopTop SeriesErie VT/VS PopTop Series

• Direct replacement for all existing two-position PopTop applications
• Hysteresis synchronous motor for long life
• Spring return operation provides a fail-safe
• Valve body rated for 300 psi static pressure
• Available in a variety of voltages
• Actuator mounts directly onto valve body without need for linkages or calibration
• Manual override lever (normally closed only)
• Actuator can be replaced without any tools, or removal of valve from system
• VS Series available for low pressure steam
Erie VT/VS PopTop Series